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The “Blog Comment Options” are much like the previous “Blog Entry Privacy”; however, they apply to which members are allowed to comment on the Blog entries.

Allow to Choose Network Privacy?

Set whether to allow members to set Network Privacy for their blogs.

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 Allow Custom CSS Styles?


You can set the “Maximum Allowed Blog Entries” per member by entering a number in the input field. This can be a good tool to control spam on the site by setting it low for new members and higher for other Member Levels.

Maximum Allowed Blog Entries

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SE PHP - Member Levels
SE PHP - Member Levels

Enter the maximum number of blog entries allowed for the members of this level. The field must contain an integer between 1 and 9999, or 0 for unlimited.

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A great way to personalize your site is by creating Categories.  This allows your members to organize their Blogs with others of similar subject matter. In order to get to the Categories page, click on the "Categories" tab.