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V5.0.0 with Two Step Authentication

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These steps can be re-ordered by clicking the arrows next to the step and dragging-and-dropping them up or down. Please note that the "Choose Subscription" and "Create Account" must be first and second, respectively, for the signup process to function properly. Also, if using V5.0 with Two Step Authentication, it can only be placed under "Create Account."


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SE PHP - Member Levels
SE PHP - Member Levels

Enable Two Step Authentication?

If you have selected YES, members will receive a code on their registered mail id and have to enter that code for Signup. If you select NO, then they can directly Signup by filling the required form. Note: Place the tab after Create Account tab only.

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Create Profile

There are no options for this step. If you need to edit which “Profile Questions” are visible during this step, go to the Profile Questions page.